Project focus
Instructional – to co-develop an inquiry driven cross curricular project unit of study that is co-taught by the Bellarine Netbook team.
Problem/Possibility/Question- Improving literacy outcomes
Will online communication between our schools enhance literacy skills?
Students using netbooks and Ning will write stories and other communications across the netbook at Geelong East and Drysdale Primary Schools. Students have chosen the name ‘Lemon and Lime Chit Chat’ for their Ning. We are looking for a change in attitudes to writing from it being something of a chore to an enjoyable activity with a real purpose. We also want our students to look beyond the classroom walls to share their learning and communicate with students in other places.

Objectives & Assessment
At the end of the project students will have had many opportunities to improve their writing through communicating with another school. Over the life of the project the improvement will be measured by
• Increased volume of writing
• Improved quality of writing
• Enthusiasm and engagement for writing
• Greater fluency
• Improved online etiquette
• Extension of knowledge and resources
• Go beyond the classroom walls
• Broaden students social networks
• Educational based communication

Networked Design
Using a social networking tool students and teachers in both schools will collaborate on an agreed topic where children will contribute writing about the topic. It is thought that students will also share online the activities and projects they complete on the topic.

Set the Context
What others have done to improve literacy outcomes

We plan to set up communication between the schools to improve literacy outcomes, particularly writing. The project between the two schools may not be new to education, but is a new and exciting challenge for our students. We are addressing, what we believe is the current student culture of social networking online. Turning this networking to achieve educational goals is a logical step that should serve to engage and motivate all students’ interest in writing.

Writing Rubric
Beginning and end of project writing samples

The project will be implemented at the beginning of Term 4 and the topic will be agreed by teachers via online communications and face to face meetings.

Project work shared online
Writing on social network site
Evaluation – outcomes
Podcast of learning journey