anne.jpg I work at the Loddon Mallee regional office as the 1 to 1 Project Manager for the region. Previously to that I have worked as a teacher in rural P-12 schools, as a Literacy project officer, Innovation and Excellence educator and Leading Schools coordinator.

twitter: annieb3525
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My Educational Philosophy

I believe that as teachers we have a responsibility to teach to the whole child. Our goal in working with young people is about the whole person. As teachers we potentially have great influence over the attitudes, beliefs and outcomes of the students that are in our care.
If we can help students to learn, to understand how they learn, to understand how and when they can learn more and to recognise and strive for the potential that is within them then I believe that we are responsibly doing our job.
One of the major things that we can do is create an environment where every student feels valued, acknowledged and safe. Then and only then can we move a student forward, challenge them to take risks and try something new, open up a world to them where they are able to make choices and form connections and collaborations with others.