I belong to the SouthWest Hurricanes.
I teach 230 kids at Merrivale Primary School.
As a Specialist teacher I teach P-6 the following fun subjects:
Art/Music/Drama/Library and ICT. My library overlooks
Amy Ferguson
the sand dunes in Warrnambool and I work with a fantastic group of teachers and children. I'm looking forward to improving my ICT skills and being able to share the learning with my kids :)

I've been gradually re-inventing the traditional subjects I teach for the last four and half years. I took some TPL last year to focus on ways that Creative Arts can be enhanced by ICT. Please forward my details on to any teachers at your primary school who might find this appealing.
You can Facebook me or Twitter if you want to share ideas about incorporating ICT into traditionally non-techno subjects (in Primary Schools) such as Art/Music/Media/Drama. I'd
love some new ideas!

My online stuff:

Twitter: FlowerPistol
Wiki: MissFergie