I am a primary school teacher. I teach at Dallas Primary School and Kindergarten. I have been teaching for the past 12 years and have taught in a range of schools - government and independent… disadvantaged to privileged. Prior to teaching, I worked at the Univeristy of Melbourne and for the Department of Education.

I currently hold the positions of eLearning / Learning & Teaching Leading Teacher and ICT Peer Coach at my school. I teach the equivalent of 3 days a week in a grade 6 classroom and then, for the other 2 days, I work with 3 teachers in their classrooms, with their students, integrating ICT in a meaningful and purposeful way. I love peer coaching and would one day love to become a full time eCoach.

I have a strong interest and background in Art, Gifted Education, Learning Technologies and Mathematics. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Education and have presented around Victoria on a number of topics, i.e Computers in the Primary Classroom, Mathematical Software, Differentiated Curriculum. I am also a state Councillor for ICTEV.

I am currently documenting my learning journey for the Reflective Practice Project on my team's wikispace. Please click here to see my entries.